15. Dezember 2009

One eskimO

One eskimO are a four piece indie band from London, consisting of Kristine Leontiou (vocals), Adam Falkner (drums), Pete Rinaldi (guitar), Jamie Sefton (bass and horns). Frontman Leontiou has had past experience in the music industry in which, he was marketed towards the popular culture and in 2004, had a top ten hit in the UK and a widely successful album. Uncomfortable with the music and image he was pressured into presenting, Leontiou broke away from the pop scene and embarked on the One eskimO project. In an interview with the Guardian Newspaper, he said:

"I wanted to create a sound of my own: magical, ambient, filmic, acoustic, beautiful and meaningful. I wanted to write about how I felt about life, love, losses and failures, highs and lows, even heartbreaks. But also about how amazing human life is and how mind-blowing our very existence is."

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