15. August 2009


The Elle fashion and style editor divulges her fashion fetishes.

Many recognize New York-based fashion editor Kate Lanphear for her un-missable shock of platinum hair. But it's the Elle senior fashion and style editor's unmatched skills in dressing up—and down—that keep her at the tippy-top of everyone's aspirational style list (present company included). Lanphear, who came to Elle via Sydney where she held fashion posts at both Vogue Australia and Harper's Bazaar, admits to some ongoing sartorial weaknesses—studs and gray cashmere, included—and a decidedly anti-fashion manifesto, "My style is really Pot Luck," she says. "Whatever has just come back from the dry-cleaner." Here, the Washington, D.C.-native fesses up to the standbys, secrets, addictions, and afflictions that form her pitch- perfect code of chic.

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